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Announcing the sale of 51 apartments in the second wing of the Celovški dvori complex

Ljubljana, 16 January 2017 – Tommorrow, Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d. d., will begin selling apartment units in the second wing of the Celovški dvori residential complex in Ljubljana. 51 apartments will offered for sale with a 30-day open house viewing period, where potential buyers will be invited to submit their bids. Based on market research and experience from the first round of sales, the selling prices will be published at on 17 January 2017, when the apartment sales open.

This new set of 51 apartments, which BAMC ensured were cleaned and refreshed, with minor renovations, will be available for sale tomorrow. These include 5 studio apartments, 21 one-bedroom apartments, 17 two-bedroom apartments and 8 three-bedroom apartments.

The sale process and open-house viewing period for this set of apartment units will take place between 17 January and 16 February 2017. The apartments will be available for viewing every day between 9am and 5pm, or at other times, by prior appointment. Due to increased demand, it is recommended that potential buyers book a viewing in advance. Parking will be provided for potential buyers during viewing hours. Potential buyers will be invited to submit their bids on a special form provided, with a minimum bid price. The bids will be reviewed by a committee, in the presence of a notary public. In the event that two buyers should offer exactly the same price, the earlier of the two offers will prevail.

BAMC will offer a guarantee for latent defects in accordance with the law. The second round of the sale process will be managed by the real estate agency STOJA Trade d.o.o., which was selected by way of public tender.

Additional information:

  • The bidding terms and conditions will be published on our website under the Sales section a day before the start of the viewings at the latest.
  • Potential buyers will also be provided with clear instructions during the viewings. 
  • We recommend prior booking of the viewing time by calling the number: 01/2800-863 or e-mailing us at: