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Update on the Cimos sale process

Ljubljana, 20 February 2017 - Earlier today at 13.15, BAMC as the coordinator of the sale of Cimos received a formal announcement from the investor, informing us that they intend to publish a formal notice of withdrawal from the sale, owing to the fact that no agreement has yet been reached between DAB and BAMC.

As mentioned before, the Croatian government passed a decision on 2 February 2017, which was inconsistent with the agreement reached between the ministers Marić and Počivalšek as well as BAMC's offer. As the agreement with the Croatian side is essential for the successful closing of the sale, BAMC and SSH attempted to negotiate an agreement with the Croatian side with the assistance of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, however the Croatian side failed to respond in a timely manner despite being aware of the tight deadlines for resolving this issue.

BAMC and SSH will work closely with the Slovenian government to evaluate the situation and inform all participating stakeholders about the next steps.