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Notice of accession to the agreement

In accordance with the Rules of Ljubljanska borza, d.d., Ljubljana, and applicable law, Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d.d. ("BAMC"), Davčna ulica 1, Ljubljana, hereby issues the following announcement:

By signing a statement of accession on 21 April 2017, BAMC formally acceded to the terms of the Service Agreement, signed on 22 March 2017 and amended by Annex 1 dated 21 April 2017 (hereinafter: "Agreement") by and between the companies ALTA Skladi d.d. (on behalf and for the account of mutual funds Alpen.SI, mixed flexible sub-fund - South East Europe, Alpen.Developed, equity sub-fund, Alpen.Emerging, equity sub-fund, Flexible mixed sub-fund ALTA PRIMUS and flexible mixed sub-fund ALTA SENIOR), KD Skladi, družba za upravljanje, d.o.o. (on behalf and for the account of KD Umbrella Fund KD GALILEO, MIXED FLEXIBLE FUND, KD RASTKO, EUROPEAN EQUITY FUND, and KD DIVIDENDNI, DELNIŠKI) and PRIMORSKI SKLADI, d.o.o., Koper (on behalf and for the account of the mutual fund PSP MODRA LINIJA – DEVELOPED MARKETS EQUITY FUND) as the ordering parties, and the companies PUBLIKUM HOLDING d.o.o., ALTA Invest, investicijske storitve, d. d. and ALTA Skupina, upravljanje družb, d. d. as the consultants.

The subject of the Agreement is the provision of consultancy services associated with the sale of shares issued by CINKARNA Celje, d.d. (hereinafter referred to as: "Company") listed under the ticker symbol CICG, ISIN code SI0031103805.

Pursuant to the provisions contained therein, the Agreement shall come into force and effect on the date it is signed or acceded to by the ordering parties who cumulatively hold at least 25% + 1 share of the Company's share capital, and on 21 April 2017 BAMC received notification from the company ALTA Skupina, upravljanje družb, d. d., confirming that the Agreement came into force and effect on the same day.

This notice will also be posted on the company website,, for 5 years following the date of publication.

BAMC management