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Completed gathering of binding offers in the 3rd phase of the Celovški dvori sales procedure

Ljubljana, 1 June 2017 – Yesterday, May 31, the Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC) completed the gathering of binding offers for residential units and business premises in Celovški dvori. In the third phase, BAMC offered 117 residential units and 23 commercial premises for sale to potential buyers.

Within 21 days of the Bidding Deadline, the opening of the binding offers shall be performed by a committee of three (3) in cooperation with the notary public Meta Zupančič in Ljubljana. The opening of the received offers will not be public. BAMC will select the winning bidder within a further eight-day period from the expiration of the bid opening deadline and execute a contract of sale for the respective real estate item.

The seller shall notify all bidders of the selection of binding offers for apartments of the Celovški dvori residential complex using the contact information provided in the bidding form, or by e-mail and by certified mail, within not more than 15 days of the bidder selection deadline.

More information about the third phase of the sale will be released to the public after the above deadlines.