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BAMC marks 20.4 million EUR profit in H1 2018

Ljubljana, 28 September 2018 - In the first half-year period of 2018, BAMC stayed on course from 2017 and even surpassed last year's half-year result. At the end of H1 2018, BAMC marked a 20.4 million EUR profit.

Decreased operating costs and almost halved costs of financing, coupled with stable, real operating revenues across the three asset portfolios have all contributed to an excellent half-year profit, which even surpassed last year's half-year result - despite a decline in the generated cash flows, which came mostly as a result of the absence of larger transactions. The volume of managed assets decreased by 7% in H1 2018, or even more if we exclude the substantial takeovers of real estate assets.

Realized inflows in H1 2018 amounted to 117.0 million EUR, or 5.8%  of the transfer value of assets. BAMC was thus well on track to achieving the statutory goal of divesting 10% of its assets per year, and came in somewhat above the planned target. From the time of its founding until mid-year 2018, BAMC has generated a total of 1,411.1 million EUR of inflows, which translates to almost 70% of the total transfer value of assets transferred to BAMC in the context of measures to strengthen bank stability and the merger of Factor banka and Probanka.