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Matej Pirc to serve as acting CEO of BAMC

Ljubljana, 25 January 2019 – Having convened at today's session in accordance with the provisions of the ZUKSB and the Articles of Association of BAMC, the non-executive directors appointed Matej Pirc, BAMC's current CFO, to the position of BAMC's acting CEO. The international competition to fill the CEO position will be announced shortly.

Matej Pirc, who joined BAMC in August 2017, assumes his duties as acting CEO today, until a permanent CEO candidate has been chosen with a final decision. An international competition will be held to fill the CEO position, as required by the ZUKSB. Meanwhile, executive directors Andrej Prebil and Jože Jaklin continue to perform their respective key duties, as per normal.

The appointment of the acting executive director marks one of the first concrete moves of the new board of directors, after December's appointment of two new non-executive directors Tomaž Besek and Marko Tišma and CEO Imre Balogh's resignation. The board of directors seeks to instill order and stabilize the situation  and ensure BAMC, which has recently fallen under fire in the context of various external assessments, can continue performing its core business, which is to maximize the return on the taxpayers' investment into the rehabilitation of Slovenia's banking sector.