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Matej Pirc appointed as BAMC’s new CEO

Ljubljana, 25 April 2019 – In accordance with the ZUKSB and the BAMC Articles of Association, BAMC's non-executive directors appointed the new CEO of BAMC. The position was entrusted to Matej Pirc, who previously served as BAMC's acting CEO.

Matej Pirc, who joined BAMC in August 2017, will be taking over the function as CEO on 29 April 2019, and will be responsible for asset management operations and corporate affairs pending the appointment of two additional executive directors. The two remaining executive director positions are expected to be filled in the first half of next month.

When appointing Matej Pirc, BAMC's non-executive directors expressed satisfaction with his work thus far, as well as the high level of trust which has been built in the few months of his active involvement on the board of directors. Furthermore, they expressed their satisfaction with the quality of management of BAMC and its future performance.

Today's appointment marks a continuation of concrete actions taken by the new board of directors, with a view to further stabilizing the organization, ensuring quality collaboration between executive and non-executive directors and maximizing the proceeds from the sale of assets, while ensuring transparent operations of the organization.