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BAMC soon to have a full complement of executive directors

Ljubljana, 8 May 2019 – In accordance with the ZUKSB, BAMC's non-executive directors have appointed two new executive directors. Dr. Andraž Grum and Bojan Gantar will be joining BAMC CEO Matej Pirc at the helm of the organization.

Andraž Grum and Bojan Gantar were selected among the candidates who had applied for the CEO position, based on the proposals presented to the non-executives by BAMC's nomination committee. Andraž Grum holds a doctor's degree in economics, with an extensive background in banking (Abanka, DBS), particularly in the field of financial analytics, valuation, NPA management, investment management, corporate governance and risk management. Bojan Gantar holds an engineering degree, with a diverse set of knowledge and experience in the real sector (Trimo, Alpina, Hidria), particularly in the management of advanced operational and financial restructurings, corporate management, and business process optimization processes.

"The board of directors is pleased with the final roster of BAMC's executive directors. Our aim was to constitute a professional, experienced, competent, and most of all constitute a homogenous and mutually-complementary management team, which will work closely with the non-executive directors and employees alike, fully able to tackle upcoming professional challenges. We are confident that this will provide a solid basis for BAMC's continued performance," said Tomaž Besek, chairman of the Board.

Andraž Grum and Bojan Gantar are expected to take office as executive directors by the end of the month. At that time, the board of directors will also assign each of the executive directors' specific areas of responsibility. The executive directors' first task will be to finish the process of stabilizing the organization through improving the governance process, carrying out a soft reorganization, optimizing internal procedures and ensuring a good working environment for the employees, all with a view to maximizing the assets' recovery value through sales, whilst maintaining the transparency of the organization's activities.