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Open house period in the Koprska vrata residential project comes to a successful close

Ljubljana, 28 May 2019 – Between 22 April and 26 May, the Bank Assets Management Company organized an open house viewing period in an effort to sell 164 apartments with the corresponding parking spaces and storage areas, as well as over 2,000 square meters of business premises in the commercial and residential complex of Koprska vrata. The sale of residential units is conducted in a competitive bidding process with binding bids, while commercial premises are being sold in a non-binding bids process. As of 26 May 2019, bidders have paid in over 100 earnest deposits to purchase apartments. Interested parties may submit their bids until 31 May 2019. Viewings for the commercial part of the Koprska vrata project are continuing and are available by appointment.

Residential units were available for viewing between 26 April and 26 May 2019, during which period potential buyers were able to book a guided viewing. The sale process is conducted in a competitive bidding process with binding bids, where the earnest deposit for the apartment amounts to 5,000 euros for up to three chosen apartments. As of 26 May 2019, just over 100 security deposits have been made by the bidders, whereas interested bidders still have until the end of the month to submit their bids. BAMC will disregard any bids made after the deadline, in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the competitive process.

Žiga Pfeifer, Head of the BAMC real estate portfolio, expressed satisfaction with the sales thus far: "The open house period has once again proved to be an excellent tool for presenting our real estate assets to the broader public. We've seen a great deal of interest from the public in Koper. Since the opening of the open house period we have recorded over 1,000 viewings by potential buyers, who usually came with an average of three friends and family members. In less than a month, our residential and commercial units were viewed by almost 3,000 individuals, some of whom visited on multiple occasions. Koprska vrata provide an opportunity for buyers and investors looking to buy premium-location residential and commercial properties at competitive prices. After the viewings, we are expecting a high number of bids, mostly in the last week leading up to the deadline."

Potential buyers of residential properties are mostly Slovenians, less than 4 percent were international viewers, mostly from Italy and Russia, and some also from the UK and USA. Most interest has been shown in the apartments located on the upper floors. "Since this is the first time in this situation for many potential buyers, we have been in close contact with our customers over the phone and e-mail, providing assistance with the bid submission process," said RE/MAX, the real estate agency which was awarded the contract in a public procurement procedure for the sale of the Koprska vrata real estate.

BAMC will be opening the received bids on residential real estate in the presence of a notary public over the next two weeks. Bidders having offered the highest price and submitted a complete bid after having made a security deposit, will be invited to sign the contract. The first residents will be able to move into their new apartments immediately after the purchase money has been paid in full and the properties delivered into their possession.

Many viewings of commercial units in Koprska vrata were also conducted during the open house period. These viewings will continue to be available by appointment which potential buyers can book online at, via e-mail at, or by calling 080 73 15. BAMC will continue accepting non-binding bids on commercial premises after the end of May, until individual units are sold. Due to a great deal of interest in individual commercial properties, BAMC recommends that potential buyers submit their bids as soon as possible in order to secure their spot at the location.

The new commercial and residential complex has good road connections and public transport options. Nearby amenities include a kindergarten, school, banks and shops. Residential units located on the upper floors offer large terraces with exceptional views of the city skyline. The operating permit for Koprska vrata was issued in 2013. An energy performance certificate was also issued. The facility's energy performance class is B1 (15-25 kWh/m²a).

Koprska vrata is located in the immediate vicinity of the Koper city shoreline and is near the motorway exit. The complex's modern architectural design makes the residential units suitable for either part-time or full-time occupancy. 164 attractive, modern apartments provide comfort and pleasant living for all generations. The apartments' diverse layouts are located across six floors, ranging in size from 38 to 154 square meters. Please visit for more information.