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Termination strategy

  • BAMC's termination strategy will seek to prevent any fire-sale situations at the end of BAMC's mandate.
  • With a prolonged life span to 2022, with new ZUKSB-A, BAMC is able to exit all its assets and terminate all its activities and operations orderly.
  • Detailed termination strategy and action planning will be determined in 2020.

The main benefits of BAMC's prolonged existence are:

  • avoiding the risk of an exit with a potential discount when selling/transferring the remaining portfolio at premature life-end. Thus a prolonged life-span should improve the probability of good economic returns to the Republic of Slovenia,
  • increasing the success rate of restructuring processes as these processes can be completed by managers with an in-depth knowledge of specific cases,
  • a more attractive financing structure, and an attractive company to invest in, thus providing the possibility of accelerated unburdening of the financial obligations of Republic of Slovenia towards BAMC
  • a more orderly and cost effective adjustment and ramp-down of the organisation and headcount.