BAMC Board of Directors​​

The number, powers and responsibilities of the members of the Board of Directors are regulated under the Act Regulating Measures of the Republic of Slovenia to Strengthen the Stability of Banks (ZUKSB). In accordance with the highest international standards, BAMC is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. It consists of three executive directors, full-time employees of BAMC, and four non-executive directors.

Non-Executive directors

Franci Matoz

Franci Matoz, univ. dipl. iur., became non-executive director and president of the DUTB board of directors on 23 July 2021. After completing the police cadet school in Tacen, he served as a police officer in Divača where he trained on the job and later graduated from the Faculty of Law. He soon advanced to the position of commanding officer’s assistant then during the war for independence was the head of a special police unit, and then he became chief officer of the Transport Police Station in Koper. In 1996 he graduated from the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Law. After completing training as lawyer he became attorney-at-law in 2001 and founded his own law firm, which he leads to this day. In this time he has trained more than 45 candidates and interns to become attorneys-at-law. His fortes are teamwork and the ability to transfer knowledge to colleagues Franci Matoz works in all legal fields and especially in the field of corporate law as a representative for large companies. He is also actively engaged in advising municipalities in the fields of finance, material assets, environmental protection and spatial planning. Matoz possesses a wealth of experience in preparing tenders and the sale of material assets, company shares, capital increases, etc. He is Chairman of the Port of Koper Supervisory Board and Vice-President of the Slovenian Railways Supervisory Board.

Gregor Planteu

Gregor Planteu has a Bachelor’s degree in economics and began his work as non-executive director at the DUTB on 23 July 2021. While still a student he was already active in the field of entrepreneurship. He became Director of Finance for the eastern Adriatic region in the global company A. P. Moller – Maersk Group, and was later appointed head of the regional office for finance and controlling based in Genoa, Italy. Between 2010 and 2017, Planteu managed transactions and corporate finances and carried out recapitalisations for various organisations in the role of finance director, assistant to the director and sports club manager. He then became an extraordinary member of the Poslovni sistem Mercator Management Board, and is now Assistant to the President of the Management Board for non-core activities. In the course of his career he has developed various areas of expertise, especially in the fields of managing and representing companies, managing corporate finances, financial restructuring and project and investment financing.

Mag. Aleksander Lozej

Mag. Aleksander Lozej took office as non-executive director on the 21 of June 2019. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Laws and a Master’s degree in General Management. He has served in executive positions in both the public and private sector, and his background is mostly in the banking sector, as he served nine years as a Member of the Management Board of Intesa Sanpaolo, d. d. Prior to this, he served as Advisor to the Management Board of Banka Koper, d. d., director of Finor, d. o. o., and the director of the Institute for spatial planning, urbanism, housing and construction affairs at the Municipality of Izola. Over the course of his 30-year career, he has developed a wealth of knowledge in management, human resources and operational organization, risk management, corporate governance, financial transactions and change management. Aleksander Lozej is an expert member of the Supervisory Board with a license from the Association of Supervisory Board Members, and also served as both member and chairman of supervisory boards of different companies. He also passed the national bar exam.

Mag. Alenka Urnaut Ropoša

Mag. Alenka Urnaut Ropoša, BS MSc Industrial Engineering, was appointed as a non-executive director on BAMC’s Board of Directors on 3 June. Over her 20-year professional career she has worked in investment management, high-performance work teams, and the development of complex real-estate projects, during which she has gained work experience at construction, development and real-estate firms, and has also been a member of international real-estate funds, local governments and financial institutions. She is the owner and managing director of Renova Real d.o.o., a professional associate at BV Financial Group and Euroimmobilien Group, and is an authorised real-estate appraiser, a court appraiser for the construction industry in the field of real estate, and a certified professional engineer. She began her career as the deputy director at Sgp Kograd Igem Inženiring in Dravograd, and later became an investment manager at Probau g.i.z. in Velenje. Before starting her own company she was the managing director of Pilon ing in Velenje, where she also worked as a business and real-estate consultant and participated in the development of complex real-estate projects.

Executive directors

Dr Robert Rožič

Dr Robert Rožič, doctor of law and estate management, assumed the role of acting CEO on 21 April 2021. At the BAMC, he is in charge of legal affairs, procurement and public procurement, human resources, and investment and estate management, and provides legal advice to the management board and its cabinet. He is an experienced manager, having worked as deputy managing director of Mobitel, d.d., and as director of legal, HR and general affairs at Elektro Slovenija, d.d. and Slovenske železnice, d.o.o. He was also executive director of Železniško gradbeno podjetje, d.d., general secretary of Slovenske železnice, d.o.o. He is chairman of the supervisory board of 2TDK, d.o.o. and vice-chairman of the supervisory board of DARS, and has also served as a member of numerous other supervisory boards.

Matej Pirc

Matej Pirc, BAMC executive director, is responsible for claims management, business analysis and evaluation, finance, accounting, controlling, assets management support, IT, internal auditing and compliance.  He assumed his new role on 21 April 2021, having served as BAMC CEO from April 2019. Prior to that he served as acting CEO for three months, and as BAMC financial director for a year and a half. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics, and has more than 15 years of management experience in both private and state-owned commercial companies. He has acquired a thorough knowledge of the fields of finance, accounting, controlling, investment, development, IT, human resources, legal affairs, liquidity management and financial risk. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. For several years he worked in management positions at the Mercator Group, both in the parent company and in subsidiaries in Slovenia and abroad. He was a member of the management board of Slovenska odškodninska družba d.d. and later of Slovenski državni holding d.d., where he became chairman of the management board in April 2014, with responsibilities including the management of capital and other investments, company restructuring and finance. Prior to his employment at the BAMC, he was one of the directors at the international consulting company A.T. Kearney d.o.o., with responsibility for corporate governance projects, infrastructure projects and merger and acquisition projects.