ETHIC Intelligence Certificate

DUTB awarded the top-level international anti-corruption certificate

International certificate proves DUTB is committed to the highest business integrity standards

In October 2017, ETHIC Intelligence, an independent and internationally recognized agency, awarded Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d. d., the highest-level Anti-corruption Compliance Certificate, which proves that over the course of its activities, DUTB has been committed to implementing international best practices with respect to identifying and preventing corruption across all levels of its operations.
In 2015, DUTB was awarded the Anti-corruption Compliance Program Certificate for the first time, which confirms the compliance of the company’s anti-corruption program, and DUTB is currently the only Slovenian holder of said certificate. For DUTB, the highest-level certification recognizes the company’s active implementation of strategic commitments, and also confirms DUTB’s reputation as a premium center of knowledge for ethical, transparent and professional management of non-performing assets.

The certification committee is comprised of experienced experts from all over the world

Another important feature of ETHIC Intelligence certification is that the certificate award decision is approved by a special committee of experts with extensive experience in compliance and anti-corruption matters.

The recommendations proposed to DUTB by the international experts will provide guidance for further improvements of its anti-corruption program, which will further reduce operational risks and the costs involved.

Zero-tolerance approach to corruption

DUTB’s zero-tolerance approach to corruption is one of the company’s core principles, as it allows it to effectively pursue its strategic commitment: to restore trust in Slovenia’s financial system and observe the highest ethical standards in asset management operations.

ETHIC Intelligence issued the certificate following a comprehensive review of DUTB’s business operations and detailed analysis of its enforcement of its policy of zero-tolerance to corruption across the entire employee structure. The certificate proves that the policy is properly and consistently observed, as it has been confirmed that all operational levels in DUTB comply with:

  • Slovenian, European and international anti-corruption regulations,
  • the highest standards of detecting and managing potential corruption risks,
  • international best practices with respect to zero-tolerance to corruption.

Efforts to maintain, develop and spread business integrity into the broader environment, as well

As the first Slovenian bank assets management company, DUTB has an important responsibility, as it contributes to the stability of the Slovenian banking system and is helping revitalize Slovenia’s economy. Part of this responsibility is also development and strengthening business integrity, both in the context of its internal organization and in its relations with its business partners.

The certificate proves that DUTB’s organization has created a strong culture of business integrity, since prevention of conflicts of interest and corruption is a shared commitment and guideline practiced by all employees. For external stakeholders, the certificate confirms that DUTB consistently observes the highest international principles of ethical management of non-performing assets, as well as transparent collaboration with potential investors.

Anti-corruption programs as a requirement for conducting business

DUTB is the first Slovenian company to be awarded the Anti-corruption Compliance System Cerfiticate. The requirement for companies to implement an anti-corruption system to a certain degree is becoming increasingly present in Slovenia, and this has in some cases already become mandatory in order to conduct business transactions.

This certificate ranks DUTB among 30 other European companies which have been certified by ETHIC Intelligence in recent years. These include companies such Airbus Group, Orange, Schneider Electric, among many others.

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