Identity Card​

Basic information

​Full n​ame​​​​​​​​
​Bank Assets Management Company
​​​​​​​​Short​ name​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​BAMC d.d.
Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia​
​​Executive directors​​​​​​​​
Dr. Robert Rožič, acting Chief Executive Officer
Matej Pirc
​Phone number​​​​​​​​
ID for VAT​​​​​​​​
Registration number​​​​​​​​
​Tax number​​​​​​​​
​Entry in the register​​​​​​​​
19 ​March 2013
​Republic of Slovenia
​Share capital​​​​​​​​
​104.117.500,00 euro
Number of shares​​​​​​​​
104.117.500 ordinary no-par-value shares
Number of employees​​​​​​​​
102 (30. 9. 2021)