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Catalog of public information DUTB, d.d.

  1. Basic information about the catalog
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    Name of the body: Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d.d.
    Basic information: Address: Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
    Responsible official: Dr. Robert Rožič, acting Chief Executive Officer
    Date of first publication of the catalog:
    Datum of the last change: 21. 4. 2021
    The catalog is available at the web address:
  2. General information on the body and public information in his possession
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    2.a Organigram in podatki o organizaciji organa

    Brief description of the body’s field of work: DUTB was established by the Act on Measures of the Republic of Slovenia for Strengthening Bank Stability (ZUKSB). Objectives of establishing the DUTB (in SSB – Bank Stability Fund) for the implementation of measures under ZUKSB by using the economical use of public funds in the repayment of budget funds, promoting lending to the nonfinancial sector, providing conditions for the sale of capital investments in banks and determining responsibility for loans and investments, which is recorded as impairments in the balance sheets of banks subject to measures under the ZUKSB.
    List of internal organizational units: Member of the Board of DUTB:

    Non executive directors:

    • Franci Matoz
    • Gregor Planteu
    • Aleksander Lozej
    • Alenka Urnaut Ropoša


    Executive directors:

    • Robert Rožič
    • Matej Pirc


    Organizational units:

    Internal Audit
    Legal Counsel to the Board of Directors
    Board’s Office
    Credit and Equity Management
    Restructuring of loans and Equity management
    Collection & Workout
    Real Estate Management
    Real Estate Portfolio Management
    Real Estate Management Support
    Finance, Accounting, Asset management support Controlling and IT
    Legal, Purchasing and Public Procurement
    Business Analysis and Evaluation
    Finance, Accounting and Asset management support
    Controlling and Risk

    Contact details for all units: On web page:

    Phone: +386  1 429 38 77

    Address: Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d.d., Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana

    Organisational structure: Available on the web page:

    2.b Contact details of the official responsible for providing the information

    Competent person: Bor Šteblaj

    Business Compliance and Integrity Officer

    Telefon: 01 429 38 42


    Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d.d.

    Davčna ulica 1

    1000 Ljubljana

    2.d List of laws, by-laws and regulations of the European Communities in the field of work of the body (via the national, local or European register of regulations)
    State regulations: Zakon o ukrepih Republike Slovenije za krepitev stabilnosti bank (Uradni list RS, št. 105/12 in 63/13 s spremembami) –
    European legislation: Access to European legislation is available at:
    2.e List of draft regulations (via the state or local register of regulations)
    Proposed regulations: DUTB is not a proponent of regulations.
    2.f List of strategic and program documents by content
    List of strategic and program documents List of strategic and program documents is published on the DUTB website.
    2.g List of types of administrative, judicial or legislative proceedings
    DUTB does not conduct any administrative, judicial or legislative proceedings.
    2.h List of public records managed by the authority
    DUTB does not manage any public records.
    2.i List of other computerized databases
    List of collections Public orders:
  3. How to access other public information
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    Description of access to individual sets of information: Online access:

    The catalog is available at the web address

    Physical access:

    At the headquarters of the organization, Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana.

    If access to a larger volume of documents is also associated with higher material costs, DUTB may charge them in accordance with the Decree on the Transmission and Re-use of Public Information (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 76/2005, 119/2007, 95/2011).

  4. List of the most frequently requested information of a public nature
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    List of the ten most frequently requested information or thematic heading:


In accordance with the Public Information Access Act (ZDIJZ), the BAMC publishes information that is directly connected with loans to defaulters as risk-bearing items that are administered as impairments on the balance sheets of the bank, and that were transferred from the bank to the BAMC, for each individual loan:

  • from agreements on transactions concluded: the type and value of the transaction, the lender, the borrower (the business name and registered office of the legal entity), and the date that the agreement was concluded;
  • from resolutions of the body of the bank responsible for approving a transaction: the body that approved the transaction, the members of the body, and the members of the bank's management board and supervisory board at the time that the loan was approved (the name and position or job title for a private individual);
  • from evidence of collateral: the type and subject of the collateral.

The BAMC received the aforementioned information from banks, while the method by which this information is published is set out by the Bank of Slovenia in the Instructions on the method of publishing information directly connected to the loans of defaulting customers.

The BAMC also provides access to basic data on consultancy and intellectual service contracts and other legal transactions, by publishing the following information:

  • information on the type of transaction,
  • information on the contractual partner: the title or business name, registered office, business address and account details of a legal entity, or the full name and place of residence for a private individual,
  • the contract value and the amount of individual payments,
  • the date and duration of the transaction, and
  • the same data from any annex to the agreement.

The BAMC also publishes public information in connection with the statutory representatives of the BAMC in relation to the type of statutory representative or an indication of membership in an executive body, the management body or the supervisory body, and details about the remuneration and benefits of such persons, specifically:

  • the full name,
  • the agreed monthly remuneration,
  • the agreed termination benefits, and
  • the total net remuneration paid in the previous year.

Public information pursuant to the eleventh paragraph of Article 10a of the ZDIJZ:

Public information on consultancy and other intellectual service contracts

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Public information relating to consultancy services provided by the BAMC as part of a selling consortium

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Public information in connection with members of the BAMC’s board of directors

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