Report Irregularities

Report irregularities in the company (or in a company in which BAMC holds majority voting rights)

In order to ensure regular and fair management of the Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC), as well as successful supervision in companies where BAMC wither has a direct or indirect (i.e. through other companies) equity stake, or voting rights (hereinafter referred to as: “companies in which BAMC is a shareholder”), BAMC also invites all individuals who have become aware of any irregularities or any form of unlawful conduct in the operations of BAMC or companies in which BAMC is a shareholder, to report such irregularities.

These reports will be carefully reviewed and action will be taken as necessary.

If the head of the compliance office and/or the board of directors should be of the view that competent external authorities should be informed (e.g. NPU, CPC, ministries, the police etc.), the report will also be forward to such competent authorities, whilst ensuring proper confidentiality.

To whom should the irregularities be reported?

The proper body to whom reports on irregularities should be sent is the compliance officer (organizational unit Compliance Office – hereinafter referred to as the competent authority).

Why is detection of irregularities so important?

BAMC is working to ensure an effective, fair and competitive conduct of companies, which will ensure sustainable development and employment opportunities. Irregularities and unlawful actions diminish staff motivation and morale, decrease the operational efficiency, performance and competitiveness of the company involved, stakeholder trust, in addition to other adverse effects.

How should the irregularities be reported?

You can report any irregularities detected in the companies either either by e-mail, by post or in person.

In case of a personal report, a formal record shall be drawn-up, which counts as a formal report. The reporting party must clearly specify the company in which the misconduct was detected and the detected irregularity/action.

You can submit a report of irregularities and any documentation via the external line for reporting irregularities, which is available at the web address: .

The whistleblowing report with the documentation may also be sent by e-mail, addressed to:, or by post, addressed to: Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d. d., OU Compliance Office, Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana marked “Irregularity Report”. In the event that the competent authority should determine that the reported irregularity is not specific enough and that it is therefore impossible to process it, the reporting party shall immediately be urged to clarify their report. If an anonymous report mailed by post turns out to be incomplete, the competent authority cannot invite the reporting party to supplement their report and therefore cannot process such a report.

All reports will be carefully reviewed and action will be taken as necessary. Anonymity of these reports is guaranteed and you are therefore not required to include your personal details (unless you would like us to contact you directly, in which case you should include your contact information. Your identity will be kept secure in either case). Your report should contain as many facts and circumstances involved in the incident (when and how it happened, information about the supposed violating party, description of the incident etc.) and supporting documentation which will help better understand the incident.

Anonymous irregularity report

Where (i.e. in what company) was the suspected irregularity detected:

Description of the suspected irregularity:

Time (or estimated time frame) when the irregularity occurred:


Additional information to assist BAMC:


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