Under the Central Credit Register Act, BAMC joined SISBON in 2018.

SISBON is Slovenia’s information system on customer creditworthiness, which allows banks, savings banks and other legal entities to exchange and process data about retail customers.

SISBON is designed to help banks, savings banks and other lenders to manage their credit risk to ensure responsible lending, and to prevent members of the public from overextending their borrowing. Data from SISBON is used to help determine creditworthiness when credit operations are being approved. Sureties where the person standing surety is a private individual can also be viewed in SISBON.

Under the Central Credit Register Act, BAMC will upload data on retail customers’ debts into the system, and will also act as a user and controller of filing systems for its retail customers’ personal data in SISBON. More detailed information about SISBON can be found on its website.

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Under the Central Credit Register Act, the BAMC is required to report data as a non-banking member to SISBIZ, the information system for the exchange of information on the indebtedness of business entities.

The SISBIZ system is operated by Banka Slovenije. It was set up to help lenders (members of the SISBIZ system and included credit providers) to effectively assess and manage credit risk, to encourage policies and measures for responsible lending and sustainable borrowing, to prevent over-indebtedness among borrowers, and to allow Banka Slovenije to carry out its tasks. The legal basis for collecting and processing data and information in the SISBIZ system is set out by the Central Credit Register Act (the ZCKR).

Membership of the SISBIZ system means that the BAMC reports information to SISBIZ on the exposures of business entities who are its debtors arising from loans, finance leasing, factoring, financial and other guarantees, other contingent liabilities, sureties and payment instruments.

As the operator of the SISBIZ information exchange system, Banka Slovenije ensures that each business entity has the right to:

  • be informed of the processing of its own confidential information in the system
  • the completion, rectification or erasure of confidential information

Both rights may be exercised by business entities via the My SISBIZ online application. The use of the My SISBIZ online application is restricted to registered users at each business entity, who register their qualified digital certificates via the operator’s website.

A request for the completion, rectification or erasure of confidential information may also be submitted in writing by a business entity or its statutory representative on the appropriate form, to the system member who reported the erroneous information to the SISBIZ system, or to Banka Slovenije.

Further information about the SISBIZ system can be found at